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School During COVID-19 Debunked By Students

Maggie Vann, Reporter

October 27, 2020

     As fall came blazing into relevance and summer came to an end, teachers, board members, and parents faced the decision of the year. Would students attend school face-to-face, or retreat to online school like the end of t...

Should Pass or Fail Grading Replace Second Semester Letter Grades?

Ali Caudle, Reporter

May 6, 2020

     As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools all around the country have been easing back their requirements, some even going so far as to implement a pass or fail grading system. Colleges were the first institutions to ...

How Hellgate Is Staying Busy During Quarantine

Liam Queneau, Reporter

April 20, 2020

       With most of the United States stuck in their homes due to COVID-19, people are finding new ways to fill their days, especially high school students. Many schools have been closed, including every MCPS school, a ...

A Twist On The Pandemic: How Covid-19 Is Actually Good

Maggie Vann, Reporter

April 17, 2020

     Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began in Wuhan, China, media has been taken over by devastating deaths and nightmare-flashing stories. However, what no one seems to mention is how beneficial the pandemic has actually been....

10 Things to Get You Through Quarantine

Hailey Oien, Reporter

April 2, 2020

QUARANTINE!! The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has officially gotten to us here in Missoula. Missoula county and Gallatin county have the highest numbers dealing with COVID-19. Governor Steve Bullock announced Thursday, March 26 th...

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