Hellgate Homecoming Events Cancelled As COVID-19 Precaution


The Homecoming bonfire still went on as it was an outside event. Photo courtesy of Jack Kinderwater

Asa Stuart, Reporter

On September 14 the school board announced a ban on large indoor school gatherings, which cancelled Hellgate’s homecoming assembly and dance. The homecoming assembly is one of the largest events planned and expected in homecoming week, and many were disappointed about the cancellation. The ban is due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in the United States and the school board’s concern for students’ safety and health. The ban has no set end date, and it is not known what other school events it will affect.    

Chloe Caldwell, a member of Hellgate’s Student Government, was part of the team putting together the homecoming assembly. “I think they’re completely valid in their reasoning for cancelling it, and it was a good idea in the end. I was sad that we had worked so hard planning it and all that hard work was for nothing.” The assembly was set to include the Hellgate band, cheer team, dance team, 2021-2022 homecoming royalty, fall sport athletes and the class competitions. The class competitions would have been classic games such as cornhole, dodgeball, spike ball and the scooter race, as well as quirky games such as the elephant game, which includes a nylon sock and plastic cups. The assembly has been a Hellgate tradition for years, and this is the second year it’s been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The homecoming dance was also cancelled. The school’s annual homecoming dance, which is organized by National Honor Society, was scheduled for September 25, the week after Homecoming, is one attended by all grade levels. The dance mostly attracts underclassmen but is still a fun dance for all. Other school events such as future assemblies, dances, and end of year festivities such as prom, are on the line now, unless the school board decides that it is safe enough to hold large gatherings again. 

With the ban on large gatherings and the recent shortage of substitutes, making it so classes are unattended when teachers aren’t able to come to school, some wonder if the school will make the transition back to online learning.