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What’s the big hype around TikTok?

Audrey Warren, reporter

February 19, 2020

     TikTok could be considered one of the most used apps as of right now. Many young kids along with adults have downloaded this app with the desire to possibly become famous or just for the thrill of watching others’ c...

Top Gear: How Good Video Journalism can Teach Anything

Solomon Kenworthy

February 18, 2020

     Would you rather see a gazelle get tackled by a lion, or have someone tell you about it? Then ask yourself how close you would want to be to the attack. When is the last time you spent more than 2 minutes reading an inter...

Say What?! Emergency Drills

Say What?! Emergency Drills

February 12, 2020

Who’s Your Valentine? (Quiz)

Sophia Geranios, Reporter

February 12, 2020

Find out your Valentine! Count up the letters of all your choices for the following questions to find the corresponding letter of your special someone.    What is your idea of the perfect date? Dinner at a fancy re...

Hellgate Brings Gertie Home Two Years in a Row

Hailey Oien, Reporter

February 7, 2020

As you know, this was a big week for everyone here at Hellgate, with the second annual Spirit Wars in full swing. Gertie the Goat has been one important aspect of it all. It all started with the cross town rivalry between the ...

Golden Globes 2020

Oliver Beck, Reporter

February 4, 2020

     Bleeps happen. Especially during live awards shows. But they usually result from expletives that have slipped from the mouths of winners — out of excitement, passion, even anger. Not during Sunday night’s Golden Globes,...

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