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How to not dread the week before spring break

Audrey Warren, reporter

March 11, 2020

     We all know how hard the week before spring break can be. Teachers are lining up tests and assignments left and right. You and your teachers most likely know that your brain is not even close to being in “work mode....

Anthem: When Arrogance Leads to Misfortune

Solomon Kenworthy

March 3, 2020

Anthem could possibly be the final blow in the fall of the Bioware empire, and major parts of the video game industry as a whole. 

Are horoscopes real?

Audrey Warren, reporter

March 2, 2020

     A horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the moon, sun, and planets and their astrological aspects of sensitive angles at the time of an event such as the moment of a person’s birt...

Missoula’s Freestyle Team builds a 50” jump by hand

Audrey Warren, Reporter

March 1, 2020

       Missoula Freestyle Team (MFT) has been training at the Montana Snowbowl for many years, and they have built all of their jumps by hand since the team started. The reason being, they do not have a crew de...

What’s the big hype around TikTok?

Audrey Warren, reporter

February 19, 2020

     TikTok could be considered one of the most used apps as of right now. Many young kids along with adults have downloaded this app with the desire to possibly become famous or just for the thrill of watching others’ c...

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