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WHAM Radio Host Compares “OK Boomer” to the N-Word

Luke O'Connell, Editor-in-Chief

November 21, 2019

     In response to the rise in popularity of the phrase ‘OK boomer’ among young people, WHAM radio host Bob Lonsberry tweeted, “‘Boomer’ is the n-word of ageism. Being hip and flip does not make bigotry ok, nor i...

Mary’s Mountain Cookies Sweetens Downtown Missoula

Josey MacDonald, reporter

November 19, 2019

 The warm aroma of freshly baked cookies, of melted butter and chocolate rising in the oven, wafts through the door of Mary’s Mountain Cookies. The smell is irresistible, and the chewy, sweet taste of the cookies is even mor...

Sitting Down With Hellgate’s Varsity Cross Country Team

Liam Queneau, Reporter

November 18, 2019

     Hellgate’s Cross Country team has been on something of a winning streak in the few years. The girls varsity team has placed first or second for the past three years in the state meet, and the boys have taken second ...

Great Divide is Open for the Season

Audrey Warren, reporter

November 18, 2019

      Great Divide, an hour north of Montana's capital, opened on the weekend of November 9th. Many showed their faces at the area, overly excited to make a few turns on the snow.        Not only did Great Divide open befo...

California Schools Push back Start Times

Sophia Geranios, Reporter

November 14, 2019

Missoula County public high schools start at 7:50. To get the recommended amount of sleep for teenagers, hypothetically waking up at 7, you would have to go to bed at 9:30. Most people actually wake up before 7, especially si...

Sonic the Hedgehog Director Listens to Fans

Solomon Kenworthy

November 13, 2019

     Remember that huge rat your dad saw in the garage that one time? Guess what? It’s dead.       Paramount Pictures released a new trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which not only showed off new details ...

Jaki Taylor Has Been Busy Since Graduating From Hellgate

Ali Caudle, Reporter

November 11, 2019

Dogs, foster care, tennis, books, horses, Congress, veterans, the outdoors, journalism: what do all of these have in common? Besides the fact that they all have the letter “s” in them, each item relates to the life of ...

Hellgate Girls Soccer Team Loses Tough Battle To Billings West, Ending Their Season

Ali Caudle, Reporter

October 31, 2019

The Hellgate Knights girls soccer team’s season ended after a devastating loss to the Billings West Golden Bears on Saturday, October 26th. It was the quarterfinals for the AA Montana State Championships, and the teams were fairly evenl...

Apple Releases New Tech

Liam Queneau, Reporter

October 22, 2019

     Apple, the tech company we all know and love, had its annual keynote event back in September, releasing new hardware and software for the world to use. Usually, the most exciting announcement of the event is that of the yea...

Hellgate Knights Band Receives an Opportunity to Perform At the Griz Homecoming Parade

Hailey Oien, Reporter

October 8, 2019

The Knights band is led by Leon Slater. They have been preparing to perform in the Griz homecoming parade for months. That includes memorizing music, strengthening the musicians, and the formation that everyone needs to follow. ...

Northwestern Energy and MCPS Solar Panel Collaboration

Maggie Vann, Reporter

October 1, 2019

NorthWestern Energy and MCPS schools began their million dollar joint project at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 school year. NorthWes tern energy was “identifying ways that they wanted to get involved in renewable ...

Missoula Climate Strike

Sophia Geranios, Reporter

September 26, 2019

Missoula youth from all 5 local highschools, as well as the U of M and Missoula College have helped to organize a week long climate strike to begin Friday the 20th. The strike was inspired by 16 year old Greta Thunburg, a clim...

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