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The Best Films of the Past Decade You MISSED

Solomon Kenworthy

January 7, 2020

The list of films that Disney executives, doesn't want you knowing about.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is the Best Disney-Made Star Wars Film

Solomon Kenworthy

December 19, 2019

     Every once in a while a teacher will find that rare exception. Not that one kid in class who’s a kiss up, or a teachers pet, or that one kid who yells out the wrong answer simply for attention. They’re a very average studen...

Hooked on a Feeling: What Star-Lord Gets that Captain Marvel Doesn’t

Solomon Kenworthy

December 3, 2019

     You know how within the first half an hour of meeting someone new, you kinda get an idea of whether or not you like them? That’s because we like people whom we have something in common. Maybe they had a bad first date...

Frozen 2 Throws You Through a Winter Wonderland!

Hailey Oien, Reporter

December 2, 2019

Try not to melt away because Frozen 2, is here and better than ever. The movie that no one really knew what to expect from. It came out on Friday November 22nd. It is an hour and 43 minutes long, but we all know that if you go...

“The Secret Lies with Charlotte”: Why the World Needs National Treasure 3

Solomon Kenworthy

November 19, 2019

   15 years ago the stars aligned, world peace was achieved, and Mark Wahlberg never stopped producing music. An event that can only be rivaled with the President’s speech from 1996’s Independence Day. It was an aspiration to the f...

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