Australia Fires Raging

Gabi Wilson, Reporter

As most of us know, due to its large popularity in the news lately and on social media, most of Australia seems to be on fire. The fire killed about 24 people and burned 2,000 homes. Many fires are still burning even though some are out. The fires are due to wind and they continue because of the extreme heat. 

About a billion animals were estimated to have died in the fires. Several animals are close to extinction after the bush fires. This is because there are several animals that are native to Australia. Koalas seem to be one of the species most at risk, as about 25,000 have died. Not just the large animals should be thought about, though. Even the smallest animals and insects were harmed, and are possibly extinct. 

Some ways that you can help the victims of these fires are by looking more into these organizations that are helping. The Australian Red Cross is accepting donations of money, clothing, and goods that can be found around the house. GIVIT is taking donation items that are requested by victims. The Salvation Army Australia is wanting people to donate more money than goods. 

These bushfires have devastated many including people and animals. Keep Australia in your thoughts and think about what you can do to help whether it be small or large. Anything that you can do would be much appreciated and could make someone’s day.