Q&A with Wes Salonen

Maggie Vann, Reporter

How is planning the Golden Goat basketball games going?

planning for the golden goat is great, we have everything set: selling t shirts is going well we have already sold over 200, the dance team, cheer team, and Zoo Crew are getting ready for the performance, and both basketball teams are really excited for the crosstown game. 


How is selling t-shirts going and do you have a goal for how many Student Gov. would like to sell

like I said, selling is going really well. We don’t have a specific number for how many we want to sell, but we sold a little over 500 shirts last year so we ordered 500 for this year and if we sell out we can always order more! We are excited for everyone’s spirit and it should be a ton of fun seeing our whole section and all of our parents in the shirts.


What is the plan for this year’s diversity week?

 the new plan for diversity week is still pretty fresh and we have just started working on the blueprint for it. We’re excited to see what everyone in student gov can think of for ideas of what we want to do though. Student gov is planning the entire week and I think we can make it a lot of fun and really educational. It should bring the whole school together and I think that’ll be good for the school community! I’ll have more information once we start really buckling down on the workload but recently we’ve been focusing on The Golden Goat.


What is new with student government? 

We got the air fresheners in all of the bathrooms so hopefully people have noticed those! Aside from the new diversity week, nothing else is really new and upcoming because that’ll take up most of our time since it’s such a large project. But we have Friday activities every 3 weeks or so and we want a lot of people to show up for them and have fun! Follow @hhsstudentgov_ on Instagram for updates on the Friday Fun Day activities and every other update!