The Best Films of the Past Decade You MISSED

Solomon Kenworthy

     The films of the 2010s were filled with superheroes, blue beams of light coming from the sky, and an actual line of dialogue from Han Solo saying, “mumbo jumbo.” Many films appear to have been overshadowed by the just, wonderful, really good, Star Wars movies that are- we’re just all glad they happened. Nevertheless, these (in no particular order) are the films that are well worth renting.

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

Photo courtesy of IMDB

     From director Jon Favreau, and the only thing of value that writer Alex Kurtzman has ever done, comes this fantastic, original take on the classic Western formula. The film does a good job at building tension and conflict between the leads, which makes it incredibly satisfying to see our heroes work together at the end. It cleverly adds exposition naturally, without sounding stilted.

     The chemistry between Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford is wonderful. Their moments together are easily some of the funniest and overall best parts of the film. I mean think about it, who doesn’t want to see James Bond and Indiana Jones beside each other, fighting aliens?                        

Photo courtesy of IMDB

  Oblivion (2013) 

     This dystopian take on our future excellently throws many twists and turns to keep you engaged and entertained. The marketing in specific did a great job at subverting expectations. On the surface, it seems like a run-of the mill action film, but its script does a good job at making it a more human and personal story overall. 

     Tom Cruise once again is terrific at running and jumping, and looking epic while doing so. Claudio Miranda’s cinematography is breathtaking, and some of the best of the 2010s.

Photo courtesy of IMDB

  Gifted (2017)

     Director Marc Webb has had some so-so films, specifically his Amazing Spider-Man blockbusters, but he’s back to do what made 500 Days of Summer such an enjoyable film: simply making a movie about people. People that we can connect and care about on screen, and can get into their shoes and walk around for an hour or two. Here, Webb returns to what he does best, not action.

     The realism Chris Evans bring to his character, Frank, is great. We are used to seeing him play a perfect man, using his super strength to help others as Captain America. In Gifted, Evans does a splendid job at portraying a flawed person, who struggles with helping even himself.

Photo courtesy of IMDB

     Rango (2011)

     A very odd, meta original take on a fish out-of-water story, mixed with a Western. It’s unique animation style brings out the strange, unforgiving world Rango succeeds to establish. The film’s score from Los Lobos, Rick Garcia, and Hans Zimmer is awesome. The movie is funny, and blends adult and child humor very well. 

     Each character is fun and interesting in their own ways. The designs for each character is great as well. Johnny Depp and Bill Nighy steal the show as title character Rango, and Rattlesnake Jake respectively.

Photo courtesy of IMDB

  Logan Lucky (2017) 

     Logan Lucky has one of the greatest screenplays heist films have ever seen. Its funny, smart, and does a great job at letting you connect to, and root for, our main characters. It takes time to develop each character, so you can understand them. All the cast is great, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig stand out.

     It excellently crafts a great ending, that’s incredibly satisfying. The use of music throughout is excellent as well. It will have you think, and be at the edge of your seat. Films like this just aren’t made anymore.

     Most of us have a limited movie budget, that from box office numbers show we used to see Disney products like Black Panther, Frozen, and the live action remake of Aladdin. These products limited many from seeing some real gems from the last decade. Let’s hope the films of the upcoming years do the opposite of what Disney and other empire-esque corporations achieved, and makes films again, not another Star Wars spin off.