Say What? Freshman Advice

Sarah Kronner, News Editor

High school… new faces, new terrain, and new challenges. It’s intimidating going from the top of the food chain in Middle School to the smallest fish in the pond of High School. It’s not always easy, but these upperclassmen are willing to share their wisdom and advice with you.


Photo by Sarah Kronner



Cade Squires (Senior)

“Don’t stop walking in the middle of the hallways.”




Photo by Sarah Kronner

Savannah Wilson (Senior)

“Attendance matters; Come to class.”




Photo by Sarah Kronner


Ostara Alrescha (Junior)

“Don’t get behind on work. Bring your own snacks, don’t share.”




Photo by Sarah Kronner


Calvin Beighle (Junior)

“Don’t be afraid of failure; Get your feet wet. Do all you can to realize what type of person you are the first couple years of high school.”