Missoula Summer Events

Montana is one of the most incredible places where you can walk out your door and find an adventure.  Though in that regard it can get overwhelming there is almost too much to do. So to alleviate that here are some fun low cost summer activities. 

Missoula offers several different freetime activities ranging from the Missoula Farmers Market, First Friday and Downtown Tonight. Most of these events are free to enter but offer a range of food trucks and activities oftentime including music played first hand in the park. 

There are also a very large range of outdoor activities that are free. Montana is home to more than 500 different camping sites that can be reserved. Many of these campsites are in or near state parks as well as lakes and rivers, allowing for great opportunities to both go have fun escaping the sun in the water as well as exploring the wilderness as a family or alone – not even mentioning the two beautiful national parks Glacier and Yellowstone, both incredible fun and enjoyable places to explore as a family

Specifically in Missoula there are tubing and rafting services you can rent. For rafting you’re given a guide and get to enjoy a trip down the Clark Fork. For tubing you’re given a shuttle to an early access point of the Clark Fork, a tube and then left to have your own fun. The services pick you up at the end point and give you a ride back to your car all for a low price. 

Other fun activities that families can enjoy include different ZACC art and creativity classes, Missoula Public Library classes, and YMCA summertime classes. There is also a large array of different programs and activities offered through separate places.

A good location to find many of these opportunities is missoulaevents.net. They show countless different types of activities for each day of summer, allowing for each and every person to enjoy the Missoulian life.