Lana Del Rey’s ‘Did you know that there’s a tunnel under ocean Blvd.’: Ranked


 Lana Del Rey has released her ninth album ‘Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.’ and it did not disappoint. From start to finish the album is filled with amazing vocals, lyrics, and overall musicality. Del Rey uses a large range of different styles in these songs from slow lyrical ballads to trap remixes but it never ceases to amaze. There are 16 tracks on the album, including two interludes that won’t be included and I’ve ranked the others from last to best.


14.)  Let The Light In (feat. Father John Misty)

     By no means is there something wrong with this song, I just don’t really resonate with this as much as many of the other songs on the album. The bridge however, carries this song fully on its shoulders and the simple and repetitive lyrics become very deep and end up bringing lots of emotion to the track and make for a good listening experience. 


13.) Fingertips

     This track has lots of deep meaning and really impactful lyrics as well, but personally, the lack of a true chorus makes the song seem almost too slow and lethargic for most times. However, the lyricism really shines through and stays amazing throughout the entirety of the song. This track has already started to grow on me so in the future there may be a place for it higher up.


12.) Kintsugi

     This song is a very slow and emotional piece talking about healing and dealing with losses. The lyrics are again very good and paint a vivid picture about trying to run away from the hardships in your life that you feel like you can’t face. That being said, the song takes a certain mood to really listen to and doesn’t have the same stand out quality like some other songs.



11.) Candy Necklace (feat. John Batiste)

     This song has amazing music and lyrics that go so well together throughout the whole thing that leave it open for interpretation. Many have speculated that it is either talking about dealing with drugs, or things like a toxic relationship. The candy necklace is something in our lives that we know about which helps to give the picture that this issue being dealt with in the song is very sweet, but to the point where it becomes damaging and hurtful. The dark tone of the piano in this song also really contributes to the foreboding sound which makes it even that much better. 


10.) Did You Know That There’s  a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.

     This song is a beautiful ballad that ends with strong vocals and building music as Del Rey begs not to be forgotten like the tunnel under Ocean Blvd that was once shiny, new, and pretty; but has since been boarded up and forgotten by many many people and she fears that same thing might happen to her. The combination of Del Rey and the back up singers over the almost orchestral music repeating ‘don’t forget me like the tunnel under ocean blvd’ makes the song feel very powerful and makes for an amazing song. I just feel like this song simply isn’t as strong and catching as other tracks.


9.) Sweet

     This is kind of where it becomes really hard for me to rank these tracks. All of them are really amazing so assigning places to them was really hard. The melody of this song is really nice and flows really well which just makes the song feel really nice to listen to. It is also a really good length for the type of song because it’s long enough that you can actually hear the lyrics and music and respect it, but it doesn’t drag on or become too repetitive. It’s a great track that has really grown on me.


8.) The Grants

     I think this is a really great opening song for the album and definitely talks about a lot of themes that are ongoing in the album. It talks about death and how Del Rey doesn’t think of it just as a horrible loss, but as an opportunity to remember and look at one’s impact on the people around them. I actually really like the way the vocals and instruments build together and create a really beautiful outro, but it just isn’t my personal favorite.


7.) A&W

     This song was really fun to listen to, especially the first time, because of the way the music totally switches up in the last few minutes and goes from a slower song about her past experiences into a much more upbeat song that is almost a callback to some of her earlier albums. I think the story that the lyrics really tell is what makes this song so good, not just because of the music style.


6.) Fishtail

     This song sounds almost like a song from a previous album called ‘Lust For Life’ with an almost dreamy feel to it. The song talks about a bad relationship and how she’s just living through it even though she’s aware it is bad for her. I really like the flow of this song and combined with the really strong lyrics, this is one of the stronger tracks on the album.


5.) Peppers (feat. Tommy Genesis)

     In this track, she uses a song originally by the artist ‘Tommy Genesis’ and still includes some of their voice as well. This song may not be super super strong on the lyrics and writing, but the beat and sounds really shift the album and make it a very stand out track and super fun to listen to. I also think that while she has similar songs, this one isn’t really like what she has done before and it has an element to it that makes it really special.

4.) Grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he’s deep sea fishing

     This one is a really pretty song and talks about feeling watched over and guided by her loved ones that have passed and are now looking down on her and her family members and making sure that they get what they need. This is another song on the album that deals with death and loss, to continue with one of the main themes. Though it is a little slower, the vocals and musicality are very nice and work really well together which creates this very emotional and melancholy sound that I really enjoy.


3.) Taco Truck X VB

     This song also has an almost dream-like feel to it and for the last half, is a kind of remix of one of her older songs, titled ‘Venice B*tch’. It has a really nice flow to it and while it is slow, it’s still fast enough that you can really feel the music and get into it. Some of the lyrics are also very good and talk about criticism that the singer has faced in her past, such as anger towards her for ‘glamorizing’ domestic abuse and also controversy over her ignorance of Covid during the lockdowns. She states ‘Before you talk, let me stop what you’re saying, I know I Know I know that you hate me.” This song is definitely one of the most fun to listen to and has some of the best vibes to it.


2.) Margaret (feat. Bleachers)

     I feel like this song may not get the attention it deserves, but it is such a pretty song about getting older and reflecting on your life. Her voice and Jack Antonoff’s work really well together and blend really well to make a really pretty melody that really builds throughout the song. It flows really well. It’s pretty simple, but that allows for it to build a lot and create a really full sound.


1.) Paris, Texas (feat. SYML)

     This song is actually a track by SYML that is just instrumental, and Del Rey put lyrics over it and creates a very dark sounding track that really tells a story. It sounds like it is almost out of a Tim Burton movie which I really liked and made for a fun song. I think the part that made this the best for me was the story that just kept going throughout the song which talks about someone leaving home to try and find themselves but when they come back, their lover is gone and they realize where home truly is for them. It just seemed like a cool story that she was able to communicate really well through the music and it became my favorite pretty fast.