How Hellgate Is Staying Busy During Quarantine

Liam Queneau, Reporter


     With most of the United States stuck in their homes due to COVID-19, people are finding new ways to fill their days, especially high school students. Many schools have been closed, including every MCPS school, a move leaving most high schoolers stuck in their homes following self-quarantine orders from the state. Between schoolwork and not much else, the students of Hellgate have been finding their own ways of filling their time, while also staying healthy and active. 

Simon Silverstein Hiking with his brother. Photo courtesy of Sebastian Silverstein.

     Though most public spaces and events have been closed and postponed, freshman Sebastian Silverstein and his brother, Simon (a junior), have been hiking up Big Sky Mountain, the mountain run by Snowbowl. Even though Snowbowl is closed, the land is owned by the Forest Service, allowing them to backcountry ski. When he’s not skiing, Silverstein says that he is sleeping and playing ping pong.

     Many are making use of streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, utilizing their time to catch up on shows or start new ones, and sophomore Mabel DeGrandpre is no exception. When she’s not doing homework, she’s watching Netflix or going on walks, staying active on the Kim Williams and the Rattlesnake trails. 

     Junior Justin James has been keeping himself busy with a slew of activities, including “listening to music, playing video games, and binge watching (TV show) Community.” However, James also has a job working at St. Patrick’s Hospital, at which COVID-19 patients are also being treated. He works in the cafeteria and stays safe wearing mandatory gloves and a mask. He also said, “The cafeteria is employees only, so there’s less risk of an infected individual coming in.” 

Hollie Greytak with her forest fort. Photo courtesy of Hollie Greytak.

     Senior Hollie Greytak has been making the most of her quarantine, spending time painting and working out. She has also been spending a lot of time outdoors, beginning work on a fort in the forest: “We’re dragging huge trees around, and that’s fun.” She has also been going on a lot of hikes, as well.

    Regardless of situation, the students of Hellgate have been trying their hardest to fill their time, either with schoolwork, games, or going outdoors. If you are looking for any way to fill your time, try any of these ideas, or go do your own thing, just make sure to stay away from others.