The Invisible Man Is Standing Right Behind You

Gabi Wilson, Reporter

The Invisible Man is a thrilling movie about a woman and her psychotic ex. The movie was released February 28, 2020. The movie was directed by Leigh Whannell and had a budget of 9 million dollars. Whannell is an Australian screenwriter who has done other well-known movies such as Insidious. The cast contained 9 people which is considered a small number compared to most movies. The movie is described as mystery and sci-fi. 

The plot of this film is Cecilia’s crazy ex boyfriend, Adrian who is played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen, fakes his own suicide and finds a way to become invisible to traumatize his ex girlfriend. When Cecilia, played by Elisabeth Moss, tells people that he is invisible and is terrorizing her, obviously no one believes her. She is forced to take him on alone since no one else will help her. 

Adrian, the ex boyfriend, is a very intelligent scientist who works with technology. When Cecilia leaves him, he fakes his own death and figures out a way to design a suit where when you put it on it turns you invisible. He uses this suit to stalk Cecilia because “wherever she goes he will find her”.  Cecilia starts to notice unusual things and soon realizes it is Adrian. She tells people that he is harassing her but no one will believe her because he is “dead”. She takes matters into her own hands to fight him off. She ends up in a mental hospital because Adrian killed her sister but Cecilia was framed. It is in this mental hospital that she fights Adrian. She ends up shooting Adrian’s brother because he was wearing the suit and was framed by Adrian and he dies. In the end, Cecilia puts on the suit herself, and kills Adrian making it look like he commited suicide. 

Throughout the beginning of the movie there are points where you start to question if there is an invisible person or if Cecilia really is going crazy from the years of physical and mental abuse from Adrian. We later get proof that she is indeed getting harrassed. This thought is scary to think about. How do you prove that someone who died is now invisible and harrassing you? During the movie, you can’t help but put yourself in Cecilia’s place and wonder, “What would I do if this were happening to me?” It is just something interesting to think about. 

Adrian was so stealthy with the little ways that he terrorized Cecilia. He made it so that it would only mess with her mind. She was the only one being affected in the beginning. When Adrian started to mess with Cecilia’s friends like Aldis Hodge, who played the friend and cop James Lanier, and Storm Reid who played James’ daughter and Cecilia’s sister is where she drew the line. She didn’t care much if she went down, but when he began to mess with her loved ones, it was not okay. 

The movie has you leaving the theater on edge. It is very thought provoking. It makes you question technology and people’s ability to use it in an ethical way. It has a review of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it is up to you to decide what rating you would give it. I highly recommend you go watch this movie if you have 2 hours and 5 minutes. to spare in your day. Especially if you are looking for a suspenseful, thrilling, sci-fi movie. You never know, maybe there is an invisible person behind you right now.