Sonic the Hedgehog Director Listens to Fans

Solomon Kenworthy

     Remember that huge rat your dad saw in the garage that one time? Guess what? It’s dead. 

Poster showing the old Sonic design.
Poster showing the old Sonic design. Photo courtesy of IMDB

     Paramount Pictures released a new trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which not only showed off new details about the movie, but also had a brand new redesigned Sonic. In April, when the first trailer was released, fans were outraged by the design of their favorite video game character. 

     In response to this, the film’s director, Jeff Fowler, tweeted, “The message is loud and clear… you aren’t happy with the design & you want changes. It’s going to happen.” 

     To compensate for this redesign, the film’s release date was pushed by from November 8, 2019, to February 14, 2020. 

     Online, the new design has been met with a positive attitude. One twitter user @ActualAero rejoiced, tweeting, “This new Sonic design for the #SonicMovie looks SOOO good!! Great job to the team!!” @RedMakuzawa on twitter said, “I can’t stop laughing at how he was before the new change.” 

     Men’s Wearhouse employee Spencer Cragun said, “New Sonic good, old Sonic bad.”

Poster including the new Sonic design and new release date. Photo courtesy of IMDB

     Here at Hellgate, sophomore Gavin Goicovich commented on the matter saying, “One of them is the devil, the other is a savior,” referring to the old design compared to the new one.

     Senior Kal Bailey noted how he only likes the new design because the old was bad. He continued, adding, “I think it is good that a large studio listened to their respective audience.” He goes on to say that a Sonic the Hedgehog movie shouldn’t be live action at all, but more, “…along the lines of a Pixar production or Avatar.” 

     While the movie itself may not have everyone overjoyed. It seems the new redesign has made most everyone wanna go fast.