Tasty Fall Foods

Audrey Warren, Reporter

     Fall is the transition from warm to cold, when you sadly put away all summer clothing, and break out everything that will hopefully keep you warm in the cold time of winter. Not only does our clothing change, the food we eat changes as well. From iced lattes to warm ones, ice cream to pie, salads to soups, fruits to vegetables, the list goes on and on. The most amazing fall foods are about to be uncovered, so that you can make sure that your fall is the most delicious one yet.

     Hot chocolate, latte, mocha, chai, herbal tea? Any of those sound delicious? Yeah, they do. If you’re cold, drink something hot. Problem solved. Don’t want a drink? What about a nice warm bowl of soup? Or a warm sandwich, or even a warm bowl of noodles? Your mouth is already watering, I know it is.

     Savory not what your feeling? How about something sweet? You could eat a slice of pie or a warm cinnamon roll, or maybe some cookies.  The list goes on, but the point is, all the tasty, warm foods you can imagine are at your fingertips, with all of Missoula’s local restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores.

     On Higgins Street, more commonly known as the Hip Strip, you can find several local coffee shops. Walk into Clyde Coffee and get one of the best lattes in town, with muffins and cookies that are quite delicious as well. Not feeling a latte? What about a hot chocolate or vanilla steamer? Head to Posh Chocolat or Drum Coffee in the Florence Building to get a warm hot chocolate or steamer that will hopefully satisfy your taste buds. The best part is that the cookies they have are huge!

     Warm foods don’t only have to be sweet, savory happens to be one of warm food’s specialties as well! Stop by Bernice’s Bakery and get a warm bowl of classic chicken noodle soup. Soup not your thing? Don’t worry, Missoula has many other options. Rice, beans, chicken, steak, and sauce? Yes please! Five on Black has some of the best Brazilian food! Walk in, make a bowl, walk out, and enjoy the magic. It’s the perfect lunch item on a rainy fall day.

     Missoula has so many local restaurants you can go to that will satisfy you and will have you coming back soon. Every day is a day for amazing, mouth watering food, so treat yourself right and get yourself food that will make your day great.