Littering in and around Hellgate

Recently I was walking around the halls during a free period and I realized one thing. It wasn´t the amazing student artworks in the halls or a poster about a new club, it was trash. Simply just left or tucked away into a dark corner where students think no one will see it. Now personally I don´t understand why the idea would even cross the mind of someone, especially with trash cans in every classroom, near water fountains, and all around the first floor. I think that the issue might be the worst in the commons, especially during times when there’s heavy foot traffic and it’s easy to just leave trash on a table or something so then one of the custodians has to clean it up later. 

The issue isn’t just inside of the school walls though. There’s also an issue with students littering in areas around the school. From the little parks around Hellgate to trash being thrown out the windows of cars, it is just absolutely ridiculous. The SRO has a map next to his door with an area circled in red where people have been complaining about students littering. Another popular place to litter is down in the bushes along the river trail. 

Honestly it’s just upsetting to see such disregard for not only the school itself but the custodians and others who have to clean up the mess.