Student Opinions: Skipping Class

     Towards the end of the year it’s hard to keep up morale in school and it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of in class learning. Sometimes skipping class feels easier than facing late work or possible in-class boredom. Here are some Hellgate students’ opinions on skipping class. 

“Sometimes I skip, like two classes a week, three classes a week. I skip (the same class) everyday. I haven’t been in like a month, but that’s because I usually don’t have enough work to do, or I can just make it up at home.” – Rio Sharpe (sophomore)  


“I don’t skip as much as I did the first semester, but I haven’t skipped class since the first semester. I was feeling drained, mentally drained and my social battery wasn’t up to standards. I think that you should go to class, but I also think that there are certain days where if I hadn’t gone to class, nothing would happen, which kind of says something about teachers giving out busy work.” – Malakai Murphy (freshman)


“I skip sometimes to get an assignment done. If I can make it up on google classroom and I need to study for a different class, I don’t think it’s necessary to go to that class if I can make it up online.” – Ruby Taylor (junior)


“I don’t skip class because it takes away from the time I could learn, it would take away from the time I have to work on assignments, and I value my grades.”- anonymous (freshman)

     Skipping class can cause you to fall behind, classwork and homework can be forgotten, and missing in-class learning time can cause a failed understanding of the materials. Because of these factors skipping class can negatively affect your grade. Even at the end of the year, when everything starts to feel pointless, it’s important to go to class and end the year strong.