Say What?! Dealing With Stress During Finals Week

We’re in the last week of second semester, which means summer is knocking on our door. It also means that finals are upon us. Finals week can come with some pretty serious stress, so how did some of our recently graduated seniors handle it during their four years in high school?

Eden Maxwell: “I try to remind myself that I have done all the work throughout the year to help me get to this point and that I’m prepared to take on what will come my way. I also really love getting together with friends to study.”

Emilio Serrano: “I usually just go to the gym and listen to some music.”


Natalya De La Plaza: “Getting work out of the way and done with as soon as I could and then just doing something I enjoy.”


Solvei Waltz: “To deal with stress I like to put on my favorite playlist, drive around, and jam out with my friends or even by myself.”