Hellgate Spring Sports Come to an End


The year is coming to an end, and with it, so are the spring sports at Hellgate. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the spring season.
The Hellgate track team has had a successful season with many members having personal bests and even a group of 36 athletes qualifying for the state meet by the end of the regular season. “As a team, I think that we have had a lot of success this season. We have a lot of solid athletes who consistently put up really good points,” said Alix Mund, junior. Sophia Miller, junior, also agrees that the Hellgate track team has been very successful. “This team has a lot of depth and it’s amazing to be able to work with all these girls.” Overall, I would say that everyone has been extremely successful this year.” While they were able to have a successful season, the team had to face tough weather throughout the season. “ This season especially has been hard for western Montana track because of the unfortunate weather and various meet cancellations. I think this definitely affected our team because with how short the track season is already, it’s really hard to lose two meets on top of that,” said Mund.
The Hellgate tennis team has also had a successful season with many wins. “We haven’t been defeated as a team yet, as far as I know,” said sophomore Faith You. The team also had a total of 14 athletes qualify for state. Going into state, both the boys and girls singles won in their division along with the girls doubles, giving them confidence and hope for their performance at state. Sebastian Silverstien, senior, said, “The season has been good, We have a lot of young guys and I’ve liked watching everyone improve. Overall, I think we’re doing really well.” The season has not come without challenges, though. “We’ve had to overcome the weather a lot,” said You. “Many matches were canceled and we had to play some in high winds which was difficult.”
Hellgate’s softball team has had a challenging season, having to deal with injuries and also having a relatively young team with many new players. Despite this, they are excited to keep working to improve in the coming years. Shannon Kane, sophomore, said “We are a fairly young team with a lot of girls who are still learning how to play. We are improving a lot though, and we are going to put in a lot of work to make us better.” The team was still able to have a very fun season and support each other through challenging times. “My favorite part of the season has been being able to travel and support my team,” said Kane.
So, while the season did not come without challenges, the Hellgate Knights were able to have great seasons nonetheless.