Hellgate Highlights

The Student Body’s Favorite Memories From This Year


Hellgate Track competes in their spring meets. Photo courtesy of Jersey Earle

As the school year comes to a close, Hellgate students enjoy end-of-year traditions and looking back on the year as a whole. The GOAT game, prom, and sports were some of Hellgate’s favorite memories from the past school year.

The annual GOAT game was a highlight for many students and a tradition beloved by the Hellgate community. Sophomore Kendall Adler said one of her favorite memories was the GOAT game because “the vibes were amazing and it was such a good time”.

Junior Eliza McDonald agreed that her favorite part of the year was the GOAT game. “The energy is super great,” said McDonald. Hellgate has been participating in the GOAT game for all of the four years it has been a tradition and it has brought excitement to the student body during the winter. “I think it’s going to go on for a long time so I really enjoy it,” said McDonald.

Another favorite for the Hellgate student body over the past year were sports. Spring sports begin to wind down their seasons in late May as Hellgate offers year round sports for all students. Adler, a member of the varsity tennis team, said that “the tennis season in general” was another highlight from her year. Hellgate freshman Sid Marsden remembers attending the fall football games as a highlight as well.

Senior Lucy Andrew said wrestling and cross country were some of the most memorable moments in her last year of high school. “The wrestling community is like my family,” said Andrew. Being able to play sports with her close friends was one of the best parts of the year. Sports routinely become one of the students favorite parts of the year and a memorable experience.

Coming at the end of the year, prom is a tradition that students look forward to. Juniors Jayden Lumpkin and Ruby Taylor said one of their favorite memories from the end of the year was prom. The 2023 prom was floral themed and titled “What a Knight”. Students walked in the Grand March in Caras Park and then walked down to the Wilma Theater for the dance.

Along with dances and sports games, students all had their unique favorites, but looking forward, students are excited for what next year has to offer.
Marsden said that she is looking forward to “being further into the upperclassmen.” During her second year in high school she hopes to see things that were missing from this past year, “I feel like this year it was pretty sad, we didn’t have any sort of homecoming dance and I hope next year we can do something like that” Marsden said that her first year in high school was made easy because of all of the teachers and classmates. “I really enjoyed having everyone here as a source of help.”

Adler, approaching her junior year, said she is mainly looking forward to “seeing her friends and just having a good year.”

Andrew, leaving Hellgate in the next couple of weeks, said she is excited for “not being in highschool” and starting a new year at college.

Approaching 12th grade, Macdonald mentioned that she is mainly looking forward to being a senior next year. McDonald is especially excited about “being in the GOAT game as a senior”. “I’m so glad we won this year so I have that opportunity,” said McDonald.

Lumpkin and Taylor are most looking forward to being seniors and being able to participate in events as seniors, such as prom. The rising seniors are awaiting their last year at Hellgate and being able to approach the end of high school.