Students Vie For Class Cup


The Hellgate Class Cup is a new spirit tradition to determine which class has the most spirit. This year there were three components used to decide which class would prevail over the others.
First each group was assigned a color to wear. Freshmans wore white, sophmores wore black, juniors wore gold, and seniors wore red. Each goup went all out with their assigned color, dressing head-to-toe in white, black, red or gold.
Next there was a very intense tic-tac-toe game where seniors and freshmans faced off, the seniors won. Next the sophmores and juniors faced off, where the sophmores won. Then there was the deciding game between seniors and sophmores where the seniors beat the sophmores and won the tic-tac-toe game.
Lastly there was a large game of musical chairs where two boys and girls from each class came to fight for the point. Though all in good fun, there were several brawls that broke out over chairs resulting in a few dragging and muscle matches between students all trying to see who could get their butt down first. Students never fought so hard to sit down on a chair in school.
At the very end it was announced that seniors won the whole thing and were declared to be the first ever winners of the Hellgate Class Cup, freshmans were second and juniors were third.
Spirit wars are an important part of Hellgate tradition and really help to create healthy fun competition between the classes. It is specifically helpful towards the end of the year when student are feeling burnt out and are counting down till they are free. Fun games such as the Class Cup keep up class morale and allow for eveyone, even overwhlemd teachers to take a brake and laugh at people having fun.