“The Last Of Us” Review


The Last Of Us is a new up and coming TV show created by Craign Mazin Niel Druckmann and produced by HBO Max. The show is based on a video game designed by Jacob Minkoff. The series is set in the year 2033 and shifts from the year of the outbreak (2013) all the way to 20 years into the outbreak. The show details a dystopian, futuristic world in which fungus has infected the entire population turning them into ravenous, mindless, monsters whose only goal is to infect more people.  

The Last Of Us mainly follows an older smuggler named Joel (Pedro Pascal) who lived in a Boston Quarantine Zone. He was asked to take Ellie (Bella Ramsey) , a young teenager who also lived in the Boston Quarantine Zone across the country, to  people who could possibly use Ellie to create a cure that could save the entire world. Ellie could be holding the secret to a cure and after 20 long years many people are desperate to have it. 

Throughout their travels they come across many different people, both human and infected, though the infected certainly aren’t the only monsters they have to worry about. 

The storyline is incredibly heart wrenching and left many viewers sobbing after every episode. Though it is very tragic especially for Ellie and Joel, the writers were gracious enough to give viewers a bit of comfort in Joel and Ellies relationship. Ellie being an orphan has no family left and Joel has lost far too many of the people he cares about. Through the series we watch as the two create a father daughter bond, both going to extreme lengths in order to protect each other. In the end, both are willing to give up everything for each other risking everything they have worked for and ultimately their own lies. 

The series can be very graphic and requires a trigger warning for many of the episodes due to the more mature topics covered in the Last Of Us. Even with its horrific nature, the show has quickly shot to the top of HBO’s top hits and reached top viewership in a few episodes. 

Having only been released January 15, 2023 the show has already been renewed for a second season that viewers are dying for. The second season is supposed to begin production in late 2023 with a mid to late 2024 release date. 

The show has snagged the hearts of many viewers already and likely will throughout season two creating many lifelong fans who adore the show, actors, and storyline. It will likely go down as one of the many amazing dystopian futures that the world has to think of incase of an apocalypse though we can only hope that when faced with such horrors we would have the precautions in place to where we could survive it.