4 US Citizens Kidnapped 2 Come Back

As of Mar. 7, 2023 2 of the 4 kidnapped U.S. citizens were found dead and the other 2 are back in the U.S. receiving treatment at a hospital in Texas. The group had originally traveled to Mexico for medical treatments in Matamoros, a once popular tourist destination now being destroyed with violence and cartel conflict. 

They were quickly derailed from their path when they got caught up in a gunfight after entering the city. They were then kidnapped by armed men. A video on facebook showed the four being loaded into a truck, three looking wounded, possibly dead.

The Mexican government later confirmed the death of two of the travelers from the incident while the others were quickly rescued and taken back to the US. for treatment. Along with the two murdered Americans, a Mexican woman was also killed during the shootout. The two that survived are now recovering at a hospital in Texas.

Matamoros once was a popular tourist hub where people on spring break would flock to. Now, the city is plagued with fighting and large scale drug cartels. Thousands of people have gone missing ranging from Mexican civilians to American tourists.

The bodies of the two Americans have been given to the US diplomatic authorities according to Mexican officials. The supposedly responsible cartel has issued a handwritten apology letter and handed local authorities five of their members. The letter expressed sincere apologies to the Mexican woman who was killed as well as the city and the affected American people and their families.

The actions that led to the loss of three innocent lives and the trauma the two survivors face now have been condemned by the suspected cartel. The condemned is the reason the cartel decided to give authorities those suspected to be directly responsible for the murders.

The dangers of Mexican tourism have downscaled the amount of Americans who generally flock downwards in search of warmer climate. The country, once full of incredible culture and lovely climate, has been an incredibly popular destination for many spring breakers as well as those in need of a vacation.

Now the once beautiful country’s tourism scene is being annihilated right in front of our eyes. Because of the fact that the people who were murdered had no ties to the cartel and had no intentions of even seeing that cartel, travelers no longer know if they can be safe while visiting beautiful destinations. 

Horrific acts such as this change the way tourism is conducted around the world and there is no doubt will change the way people as well as officials work the systems of tourism throughout their country.