For many years, prom has been a tradition at schools across the country, and Hellgate is no exception. Every year, Knights buy tickets, find dates, and make their way to prom dressed in their best outfits.

This year, the Hellgate prom committee has worked hard to plan a night that will be special for all students. “One of the things we’re really excited about this year is the centerpieces… we have kind of a different spin on centerpieces this year and we’re so excited about that. It goes with kind of a floral theme,” said Britt Hanford

After working with each other for nearly six years as prom committee advisors, Hanford and Heather Cheney have been able to get a kind of rhythm to make the planning experience flow much better. “We have developed a pretty solid method for planning over the years. Ms. Cheney and I have been the advisors for about five or six years so we are dialed in,” said Hanford. “We have always loved having prom at the Wilma so we always start there.”

Hanford says that the best part about prom is seeing the hard work pay off in a magical night where all Knights are dressed up and ready for a fun night. “It’s so fun to see what everyone wears, and I think that’s personally what I’m most excited about.”

Hanford says that the most special part about prom every year is that “everybody, every year shows up in their absolute best and I don’t just mean the ensembles, I’m talking about attitude, excitement, kindness. We’ve had so many really beautiful proms where everyone is at their top level, they’re all complementing each other, they’re having a blast. It’s so fun to stand on the outside and watch this mass of students just dancing their faces off.”

Hanford said the takeaway that comes with prom is “the community, the fact that it really is just a big night for everyone.”

This year’s’ prom is called ‘Oh What a Knight’ and will certainly not disappoint in creating a night for all students to enjoy.