Hellgate United Change Drive for Earthquake Victims

Over the last few weeks Hellgate High School has been running a change drive for the victims of the raging earthquakes terrorizing Syria and Turkey. The drive was started by Hellgate United and collection buckets were in 5th period classrooms. On Feb. 6, 2023 the two countries were hit with an incredible 7.8 magnitude earthquake followed for days afterwards by powerful tremors and large scale 6.3 magnitude aftershocks.

 At least 54,387 people have been found dead so far and the number will likely only increase as both countries make efforts to salvage what little survived the quake and rebuild each and every city affected. There have also been an estimated 125,626 nonfatal injuries according to Reuters.com.

200,089 buildings and homes have been completely destroyed leaving a whopping 2.4 million people displaced and an estimated $50-90 million accumulated in property damages. 

Though thousands of earthquakes of varying magnitudes affect Turkey and Syria each year, the carnage and destruction plaguing these struggling communities after this most recent earthquake has left the whole world stunned. 

Thankfully in times of great peril people band together inspired by the strength of those suffering. Because of that inspiration even those halfway around the world wish to help the people who are suffering in any way they possibly could. 

Though Hellgate isn’t a very large school, we are united and when we see the suffering of those around us we seek to inspire and strengthen. Because of that we come up with things like change and blood drives in order to inspire people to act and help those who cannot help themselves. 

There truly is nothing we can do to lessen the pain these people are suffering through, they have lost their homes, their families and their lives. But no matter how minimalistic, giving even a few coins in the effort of helping others is a generous act that would likely stick with the survivors for years to come. 

In their time of suffering Syria and Turkey have the support of America as well as many neighboring countries. The small acts of kindness save lives and even though we are oceans and countries apart hellgate is here to help in any way we can. We send support, love, and hope to the victims. We can only hope we inspire those around us to do the same.