Say What?! Spring Break at Hellgate

As we get into the second semester, spring break is getting closer and closer. So, what are our Knights and staff doing for the break?

Johnny Ledyard: “I’ve always spent my spring breaks going skiing, and right now I am looking at hotel rooms in Jackson hole. My son Henry is going to come here from Bellingham and then we are going to head to Wyoming and Utah and Montana and ski off my mountain collective pass.”


Chloe Larsen, junior: “ I’m going to California with my mom, we’re gonna hangout on the beach and maybe look at some colleges.”

Sophia Miller, junior: “ I’m gonna go to Colorado to look at a college and visit with their track coach, and then go to Canada to do some skiing which should be fun.” 

Nico Petrini, junior: “ I think we’re just staying in Missoula, I’m looking forward to just hanging out here.”