Cocaine Bear Is A Must-Watch Movie


Cocaine Bear is nothing less than brutal. This movie leaves you shocked and nauseated, and it’s definitely a must watch for all fans of gore. 

Cocaine Bear is exactly what it sounds like. The movie stars a coked up black bear and its pursuit for more cocaine and some more tasty snacks. We follow three groups on their journey through the wilderness: The drug dealers in search of their lost supply, a mother in search of her daughter, and a ranger trying to defend her park and her honor. 

Cocaine Bear is one of the best comedy horror movies I have seen, I even found myself giggling through cruel scenes because of the sheer absurdity of the movie. Don’t get mixed up though, while this movie is hilarious, you will be wincing in pain from the non-stop violence of this movie. 

The one downfall of this movie is the character set-up. We get about 10 minutes at the beginning of the movie of the characters pretty much outright stating their motivation with no set up besides that. This is definitely made up for in the character development throughout the movie, but it made me expect much less from the start. 

Many people were disappointed about this “true-story” after finding out that the bear did not kill people. This was actually a relief to me, but many people did not like the claim. The actual cocaine bear, named “Pablo Eskobear” overdosed shortly after consuming around 70 pounds of cocaine. 

Cocaine Bear even established the bear as a character itself. At times you find the coked out bear kind of cute, even sympathizing with it. This movie makes you root for almost every character, which is commendable for a movie about a human flesh and cocaine obsessed bear.  

Cocaine Bear is a must see for fans of comedy and gore, and it is guaranteed that you come out shocked and amused, and wanting to see it again.