Record Breaking Blizzards Hit North America

     The US experienced (and parts are still experiencing) a historic three-day winter storm that brought heavy snow, ice and very high winds. Southern California for example saw torrential rain and heavy snow in some areas. Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming endured the lowest temperatures in the states, with temperatures around 0 degrees fahrenheit. In Montana for example, a wind chill of -52 degrees fahrenheit swept through Mcdonalds Pass, west of Helena. 

     According to CNN, over 65 million people in 29 states were under winter weather alerts. MInneapolis, Minnesota saw over 2 feet of snow throughout the storm. Other than snow, places like Iowa and Michigan experienced an ice storm,  affecting travel. 

     In parts of the central US, these severe storms propted at least 9 tornadoes. Ice and snow is expected to hit Michigan again, with widespread power outages in over 5 states. On the opposite end, the southeastern states saw record heat for February, with temperatures reaching 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

     On Tuesday, Feb.  22, Missoula saw strong winds and blinding snow. The same day, the Hellgate Girls basketball game in Kalispell was postponed due to the awful roads. Team member Sophia Miller said, “I think we were all disappointed that the game was canceled.” Miller also mentioned her commute from school that day. “ I couldn’t see 5 feet in front of me and the street lights were really hard to see.”

This extreme weather caused many disruptions across the country and put many people in danger. It is unusual to see this severe weather during late February, many states were unprepared for this type of event but it may push for more precautions to be taken moving forward.