Can Nikki Haley Make It Past The Primaries?

There is a new presidential candidate in the race, and she is polarizing the political world with one question: does she have a chance? She is running on the platform of a new generation in office while maintaining many of the older generations’ ideals. 

Haley was elected as the first female governor of South Carolina in 2010 until she was appointed as the UN Ambassador under former president Donald Trump. Trump and Haley’s political nature is very back and forth.

During the 2016 election Haley did not endorse Trump and even criticized many of his views. Trump even went as far to clap back at Haley during this election. Although they had a rocky start, Haley was appointed under Trump as UN Ambassador and they had a seemingly smooth relationship during her time under the Trump administration. Although she left the position under her own volition, Trump had few negative words to say about Haley, unlike many others who resigned under his administration.   

Now, even though Trump is running, he encouraged Haley to stake a stab at the 2024 Presidential Election. Maybe he believes she is not a threat to his campaign. I mean, really, is she?

Haley is seeing more and more support after she launched her campaign for president, yet Haley is still far behind in support for Trump and Florida governor Ron DeSantis, her opposing candidates. 

While Haley holds core conservative values and a strong political presence, it’s hard to imagine Republicans throwing away their conservative values and coming out of the woodwork with overwhelming support for a female candidate. While Haley’s run is commendable for a female Republican, I don’t see a future with Haley in office anytime soon. This election seems cliche, with Trump and DeSantis being the front-runners of the Republican party. 

I would love to see a woman in the office. Even with Haley’s conservative values and misguided ideals, I still see her as a better Republican candidate than both Trump and DeSantis.