Hellgate High School Annual Blood Drive


The American Red Cross declared its first national blood crisis during Covid surges. The shortage couldn’t have come at a worse time seeing as the country is facing all time highs in sickness levels and the need for blood continuously grows as Covid changes and develops. Through the shortages doctors have been forced to make nearly impossible decisions about who can get blood and who needs to wait according to the ARC website.

Along with the increasing need for blood and platelets, the Red Cross claims to have seen a 10% decrease in donations since 2020, already leaving hospitals in even greater need of donations in a time where there is almost none. 

Hellgate High School hosted its annual blood drive for the American Red Cross in the lower gym on  Jan. 31 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 

The entire event is all charity work in cooperation between Hellgate High School’s Key Club, a popular volunteer club, and American Red Cross volunteers. 

The volunteers came and set up everything necessary for blood donations while Hellgate students facilitated the drive, making sure everything ran smoothly so the Red Cross could do their jobs as easily and efficiently as possible. 

Caroline Lurgio an English teacher at Hellgate was one of the many who donated. When asked about donating she said “Donating is important because people need blood all the time. The process is easy and donating is one of the easiest ways to make a positive impact in my community big and small”. when asked about her specific experience with donating she said ” Yes my experience was overall positive. I had to wait for awhile but I enjoyed being able to calm the nerves of students who were donating for the first time. I’ve donated  many times so I’m familiar with the process.”

The drive went off without a hitch and Hellgate students were able to help save many lives. Those who donated were given snacks to make sure they were feeling ok as well as American Red Cross t-shirts so people are reminded they donated and remember to donate again, as well as inspiring other people to donate. 

The Red Cross has also been trying to inspire people worldwide to donate for the good cause. Anyone ages 17 in most states and 16 with parental consent who weigh at least 110 pounds and are in decent health is eligible to donate.

Lillian Wilson a junior at Hellgate was also one of the donors when interviewed said “I think donating was fun, it was pretty exciting because it was a new experience, something I’ve never done before I was a little nervous because blood and needles make me a little queasy.” Wilson also said that she would absolutely donate again because “I feel good knowing the one donation saves 3 lives, plus it is really easy to do and it doesn’t require anything of me besides just sitting in a chair for like 20 minutes”. Generally donating only takes around 8-12 minutes plus a little bit of time to make sure the person donating is okay. In total that is around 20-30 minutes of your day used to possibly save the life of three people.

Though donors must face several questionnaires that all guarantee that the blood you donate will be as healthy as possible for the person they are donating to,  everyone who donates is largely appreciated and with healthy blood can be given the chance to help save someone who is really in need and desperate. The red cross is very desperate seeing as they account for an estimated 40% of the blood donated in the US according to their website. The mass shortage comes  in times of such struggle when the country as well as the entire world are coming out of the pandemic and appreciating life in new ways. 

Many people are seeking out ways that they can positively help and change the world as well as the lives of others for the better. Sitting in a chair for around ten minutes is a small price to pay seeing as it can help save the lives of so many people. Not only that but people largely donate because it feels good to help those in need. Donating has been linked to positive health outcomes ranging from lower risks of depression and greater longevity. 

In a world where there is so much pain and suffering it is a good idea for those who can to try and have some positive benefit on the world around them. Donating as an easily accessible and common way that people can be of benefit to the world.