The Beauty of Reminiscing


Photo of a couple walking together

Evyn Good, Reporter

As the new year comes, reminiscing and looking back on the previous year and what it brought is a common sight during this time. Reflection on what has happened over the past year, what went right, what went wrong and everything that falls in between is something that should be explored in greater depth after the dust of last year has settled. However, reflection is only valuable and good when it is paired with growth, a better understanding of the world and to see what can be improved on going forward.

For a lot of people, reflection can bring up the things that went wrong. Whether it’s a failed relationship, a bad choice that had long lasting ramifications or simply something that you didn’t like, reflection can make moods sour and can overtake any good thing that may have happened. According to the National Library of Health, people tend to focus and hold onto bad memories or experiences when looking forward to the future decisions that are being made. With the huge focus on what can go wrong, it pushes people to not try new things and to not think about what’s happened in the past. It is vital that people look to the future and instead of focusing on what went wrong in the past, focusing on how to improve for the future is key to starting a new year off well. 

Reflection on the year prior can also highlight the great things that happened in the past year. Friendships, successes in school, sports or at home can all be things that we remember fondly or positively impact us in a good way. It is important to remember what helped us in the past and what went well, so that we can apply those things to the future year. Being mindful of things that went well, will better judge how things should be approached in the future. Focusing on the things that went well and seeing how you can apply them to the future will better impact how someone can work as a person and how they can lead a happier and healthier life for the future and beyond. 

Being mindful and reminiscing can be incredibly helpful and impactful on someone’s future and beyond. However, keeping a balance of learning and understanding and applying it to the future beyond can be what matters the most in life. Keeping a positive attitude for the future year can help replicate the best parts of our year and can help negotiate the bad parts. After all, it’s a new year, new you.