Wednesday Review

Liz Gray

The Addams family is one of the most well-known spooky families of all time. In the movies we meet Gomez and Marticias children Wednesday and Pugsly. Wednesday caught the hearts of many due to her love of all things dark and demented. Because the Movies only show Wednesday in her adolescence, many including me personally were left to wonder what her teen years would be like. Netflix brought these dreams to life when they released the new series Wednesday on November 23,2022.  

Even though the series is only 8 episodes so far, Netflix has done an amazing job adding subtle plot twists and keeping the audience guessing. The series began with Wednesday being sent to a boarding school for all breeds of outcasts. Wednesday resents going to Nevermore because it was where her parents went to school and her mother made quite the name for herself during her time at Nevermore. Even though it was a school of misfits Wednesday seemed to stand out a little extra due to her all black and dark aesthetic. Her parents’ past mistakes at Nevermore also didn’t help her with making friends in the community. 

Though the plot of Wednesday was interesting I think that the choice in cast might have been one of my favorite parts of the series. The starring role of Wednesday was played by Jenna Ortega who I personally believe is the Wednesday that we didn’t know we needed. Ortega who has quite the rap list in films such as The Fallout, Scream 5 and 6, yes day, Iron man 3, The Little Rascals remake and many more. She’s also had roles in popular shows like You, Jane The Virgin, and Stuck in the middle. I think that her range as an actress is what I find most appealing about her. Another amazing cast choice that I think gives the show more depth is Cristina Ricci, who plays as Wednesdays dorm mom Marylin Thornhil, was the actor who played Wednesday in the 1991 Addams Family and in the 1993 Addams family values.  

I enjoyed Wednesday but I would´ve enjoyed it more if it was more about the Addams family themselves instead of Wednesday and her shenanigans in the boarding school. I think that the best part of the Addams family movies was that it showed them as a family and I think that showing Wednesday branching off into her own world wasn’t really what I would have expected but I think that the angle that they went with was very interesting and with how unexpected it is it made it better.