Horrific Soccer Trampling Taking Place In Indonesia, Killing 125.

A raid broke out in Indonesia, at Kanjuruhan stadium during a Malang soccer game, resulting in 125 people dead and over 300 people injured. 33 kids were found dead, 8 girls and 25 boys, one as young as 3 years old. Many of these kids died from being trampled and asphyxiation which is caused from not having enough oxygen. 


Fans broke out into an angry chant after the soccer team Arema lost 3-2, causing fans to run onto the pitch. Security got angry and started to fire tear gas at the crowd. Deaths occurred after the tear gas was fired. Fans got scared and couldn’t breath so they began to panic causing a stampede near exits, resulting in fans being trampled causing injury and death. The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, said he will be providing victims with 50 million rupiah (which is $3,300 USD) to each family who lost their loved ones, according to AP news.


Fans are very angry with the outcome of the situation. They want the investigators to explain why there was tear gas used inside the stadium, which is a violation of the guidelines of FIFA. There have been nine officers from East Java Province that have been suspended and those nine are under investigation. 28 police have been questioned due to violations of the police’s code of ethics. 


Gilang Widya, president of the Arema fc (football club), said he takes full responsibility for the horrifying event taking place on Oct. 1, 2022. This is the deadliest event in the sport’s history, and fans rage for the negligence that the police have performed in the stadium as families mourn the passing of their loved ones.