Pancakes or Waffles

     Waffles or pancakes? The ultimate question, sparking controversy and heated debates across the country for years. It is time we put an end to this discourse once and for all. 

     First, let’s break down the question. Type, size, or syrup flavor is not specified, all of which may otherwise influence your answer. It is purely asking you to make a choice between waffles or pancakes in their simplest of forms. Now that that’s clear, let’s imagine for a moment that you are being threatened by an alarming weapon and are forced to make a choice. What do you say? Pancakes, right? Wrong. Waffles will forever and always be superior and here’s why.

     While pancakes are fluffy, soft, and airy, waffles have crispy, golden-brown edges and chewy centers. You can quickly identify a waffle by its plaid texture, the result of being cooked in a waffle iron. These square holes are quite possibly the greatest advantage that a waffle has over a pancake. The extra time it takes to fill those holes with syrup and butter all becomes worth it with that first bite. The pocket creates the perfect ratio, offering your taste buds a most heavenly experience. Apart from the practical use of the pockets, the waffle grid adds an aesthetic that pancakes lack. Yes, pancakes have a classic look, often portrayed in popular tv and media. But the grid pattern is what makes waffles unique, adding variety and texture. 

     Of course, we cannot forget the remarkable versatility of waffles. Have you ever visited an ice cream shop that sells pancake cones? Didn’t think so. Waffle cones are one of the great pleasures in life, enjoyed by millions of people every year. Waffles also win versatility when it comes to flavor. They can of course be enjoyed with the classic butter and syrup but when it comes to savory indulgence, pancakes fall short. Missoula’s own Green Source offers various savory waffles topped with avocado, microgreens or sea salt. Can you imagine those same toppings on a pancake? Doesn’t sound as appealing, does it. In addition to flavor, waffles once again take the cake when it comes to variety of texture. Soft and chewy or crispy and thin, waffles can be made in nearly any way you please. Some other common ways to eat waffles include, a classic chicken sandwich, beloved Stroopwafel cookies, or even waffle fries. 

     Some may argue that pancakes are healthier than waffles, and although that may be true, I would argue that ultimately the extra calories are worth the unbridled joy that comes with eating a good waffle. If you’re a ‘pancake person,’ maybe you’re starting to rethink your life choices that have led you to believe that pancakes are somehow superior in this waffle world. And although I welcome you to the side where the grass is greener and breakfast is better, I want to be perfectly honest. I am not anti-pancake, but simply, pro-waffle. I do enjoy a good pancake every once and awhile, but if someone threatened me with an alarming weapon and told me to choose, waffles can be assured that I have their back.