Storms in the South Destroy Hundreds of Homes

Puerto Rico was demolished by hurricane Fiona, and thousands of people are still without power weeks later. The major places affected by Fiona were Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Atlantic Canada, the Lesser Antilles, Lucayan Archipelago, and many more. After Fiona, Hurricane Ian was very close to follow.

 Although mostly missing the places that were already hit by Fiona, Ian has created mass damage and an increasing death toll as Florida works to clean up the mess created by the storms. Many families had to leave everything they’ve ever known behind after weeks of storm prep. They are only able to hope that everything they have was left alone by Fiona and Ian’s wrath. 

Rescue workers are working tirelessly to try to help save as many people as they possibly can as well as giving help to everyone who needs it after the carnage of both storms. Even President Biden has approved emergency FEMA action to get disaster relief and to help get Puerto Rico, Florida, and all other affected places back on their feet. 

All of America is hoping that all people affected by the storm will be okay, and will easily recover after the large-scale natural disasters. In times of natural disasters, all we as a country can do is band together and work to recover as best as possible, working tirelessly to bring each other back to where we were before so it can feel like nothing ever happened. 

Ian and Fiona are only some of the bigger storms of this year’s storm season in the south. As southern and coastal Florida work to recover their homes, everyone else is only left to wonder when the next big storm is going to come and try to tear everything apart again.