Lady Knights Volleyball v. Sentinel

Liz Gray

On September 20, students, parents, and volleyball lovers from both Hellgate and Sentinel gathered in Hellgate’s upper gym for the first crosstown game of the season. The student sections of each school, adorned in each school’s color, made sure to keep the energy up during the game. 

Tensions were high during the first period, each team having one goal in mind. The game was close in the beginning until Sentinel started pulling into the lead winning the set 25-15 Sentinel. 

During the second set of the game the girls on both sides of the court had found more of a competitive edge. The energy in the gym did a complete 180 in between periods one and two. Despite the added competitive edge this period did not favor the Knights. 

Tensions once again grew. The third period was make or break. Would the Knights win this set and pull Sentinel into a 4th period? Would sentinel end up winning the game? During the beginning of the set it looked promising. The rallys between teams were gaining in energy and competitiveness. After a close game of volleyball Hellgate did not end up taking home the win.