The Old Teaching The New How To Kick It

To everyone who can’t kick a soccer ball into a goal, maybe it’s because you didn’t have two older sisters on the varsity soccer team. Jaden and Riley Lumpkin are two varsity soccer players at Hellgate High School. Jayden plays center back, a defensive position, and Riley plays right wing, an offensive position.


 Both girls have been playing soccer since they were three. Now the girls have a younger brother already working on his kick. Maddiux,  The Lumpkins younger brother, is 6 years old and a first grader this year. He has watched his sisters play soccer for forever, he has watched all the goals, all the celebrations and all the headbuts and is now taking up the family sport. 


 The youngest Lumpkin sibling is on a Strikers team for little ones who play short and sweet games of four-on-four. Jaden and Riley play long games consisting of running up and down the field again and again. When asked about how she feels about her little brother playing soccer, Jaden said “I  love that he is playing soccer. I think that it is a good way as a kid to get rid of all his energy and when he gets older he can get scholarships to do something he loves”.  At the end of games little maddi will run onto the field so he can be the first to give his big sister’s a big celebratory hug.


As with all athletes, the girls love their sport as well as showing off their skill, and have had little Maddiux kicking around a ball since he could walk. As he continues to get older he’s going to work very hard at the sport just like his big sisters, practicing day after day, always working to get better, stronger, and more agile so they can play the best game. 

So when he’s in high school he is sure to continue being just like his sisters, kicking but on the field while still being incredibly kind and good players.