Freshman First Impressions

Devyn Deschamps, Reporter

Across Hellgate, there is a commonality in all the halls: clusters of wide-eyed freshmen. The new generation of Knights has arrived with high spirits and enthusiasm, ready for their next four years  and a new beginning. Regardless of the traditional torment from the upperclassmen, freshmen have held their heads high.

Freshman Truman Morgan, a cross country runner, already holds a high opinion of the school. “Everybody’s really nice and welcoming,” Morgan said attentively, regarding his daily experience at school and his cross country comrades. When comparing Hellgate to his time in middle school, Morgan said that the class of ‘26 now has,“a lot more freedom,… more options and flexibility with your schedule.” 

Classes aren’t the only appeal to Hellgate, especially when most freshmen have never seen a Hellgate football game, or at least, haven’t seen one from the student section. Regardless of upperclassmen shouting at freshmen, “move up!” students like Noah Morss, a member of Hellgate’s jazz band, recalls the games as one of his most anticipated events of the year. Even when we lose a game, Morss still believes the differing characteristic of Hellgate is that we are still “better.” Does the final score really matter when all the students are united? 

One Thing about Hellgate is that there are a plethora of different types of students, but most of the freshmen have come to the consensus that Knights are, as Morss said, “Safe, .. responsible and respectful.” Our students are supposed “to be determined,” Morgan said. Morgan  continued to say that all Knights seem to “ keep their heads down and focus.” 

However, when it comes to the reality of Hellgate, many have other perspectives on it. “Being a Knight is all about spirit. It’s the energy you bring to school when you walk through the doors and the energy your peers have left you with when you walk out” said Senior Bella Cory.

Freshman aren’t the only ones who are getting used to a new environment, as seniors are just as unfamiliar to these new faces. “It’s really strange for me to see how young the freshmen look,” said Cory. She reminiscently said, “It’s like being on the other side of the mirror from where I was when I felt like the seniors looked so old.” 

The years seem to pass by quicker than anyone initially believes. With nostalgia in the air, Cory said, “As a freshman I wish I knew to cherish every high school experience more.” 

As the course of the year progresses, it’s inevitable that most freshmen will soon have a different perception of Hellgate. However, the one thing that has proven true through all grades is that Hellgate, without exception, always gets rowdy. Nonetheless, whether it takes two weeks or two months for these freshmen to get settled here, it’s already abundantly clear that they will be a force to be reckoned with  in the next four years. The freshmen are the newest generation of Hellgate students, so it’s up to our upperclassmen to show them the way and what it truly means to be a Knight.