Which Spotify Accessory Is Best


Asa Stuart, Reporter

With the addition of widgets in the ios 14 update for Apple devices, many streaming devices made their own widgets, and other widget apps were made for these streaming devices. Spotify has had lots of widgets and apps made for it, so I’m going to rank them from best to worst. 

  1. WidgetPod shows which song you’re currently listening to and is quite simple to set up. It’s free and you have the option to choose a small, medium, or large widget. It’s easy to make, and you have the option of light or dark mode, and you can make the background a set color or an image. You are further able to customize the widget with features such as corner shape, accent colors, indicating if  a song is liked on Spotify, and what text is showing. This widget is better than Spotify’s widget, as you can customize it so much, but is missing the ability to show recently played music. Other than that, it’s perfect. 
  2. Spotistats is an app that tracks your Spotify history. It can tell you what you listened to 5 minutes ago, 5 weeks ago, or 5 years. Spotistats shows your overall top artists and songs, you can have friends on the app to share your stats with, and it can even show what your top genres are. Spotistats would be number one, except for the fact that they don’t have a widget, and you have to pay money for some of their features. It makes sense, but for a poor high school student who is relying on their Spotify family plan, it just doesn’t work out. 
  3. The Spotify widget is pretty basic, but works very well. This widget can let you see up to 5 of your most recently played songs, playlists or podcasts. The Spotify widget looks good, it changes the background color of the widget based on the album cover, and functions very well. You don’t have to pay for it, unless you’re paying for Spotify Premium, and it is very simple to use. You just add the widget to the home screen and choose which size you want.It’s the simplest widget, but works well, and gets the job done. 
  4. MusicView is like a lesser Spotistats. It shows you your top artists and tracks, but the app is a bit lame, and doesn’t work that well, as the app itself is difficult to navigate and there aren’t many options to customize your widget. Everything is free and there are widgets, but I could just use another app to do the same thing, but better. It’s an average widget app, nothing special, but would work in a pinch. 
  5. MD Vinyl is the most aesthetically pleasing widget on this list. It shows your currently playing with the album cover on a vinyl spinning next to it. The widget comes in small, medium, and large sizes, and the background color changes depending on the album cover. The widget would be higher, except for the fact that you have to pay to have an unlimited number of songs play through it. If you don’t pay, you can only play 100 songs, which goes by quick if you like to listen to music.