Student Government Elections Show the Future of Hellgate is in Good Hands

Asa Stuart, Reporter

As the year ends, elections begin for Hellgate’s student government. This year there are six hopeful candidates, some new to student government, some who ran last year. Let’s see what these candidates have to say about their campaign and Hellgate! 

     Faith You and Lizzie Frank ran for sophomore class president and vice-president. You ran for class president. After joining student government her freshman year because she “wanted to be heard,” she decided to run with Frank because she thinks that she “can be a great leader for the class of 2025,” “make voices heard,” and see her “peers’ input reflected in our school.” They have two slogans, which you may of seen around the school or in their campaign videos “Put YOUr FAITH in us,” and “FRANKly, YOU should vote Faith & Lizzie.” You and Frank plan to “work in collaboration with the other officers and amplify the voices of Hellgate.” They also want “Student Government to collaborate with other clubs as that can be pretty successful.” We saw that when Student Government worked with SAVE for Earth Week, it was successful, but only with “proper planning” and “great communication.” 

     Two pairs ran for junior class president and vice president, Devyn Deschamps and Lucy Hansen and Ellen Davis and Rori Ojala. Deschamps has been a part of Student Government since last year, and this is Hansen’s first year. They want to listen to the people and “put that into action around the school” and attempt to meet their campaign promises, which includes “upping the ply in the toilet paper,” and “starting a monthly game at the school that gets the students involved.” Deschamps and Hansen want to include more people in Student Government, clubs and people, and make it so more people are involved in school activities and events. 

     Davis and Ojala were sophomore president and vice president this year. They hope to “influence others in a positive way and try to make the school a better place.” As sophomore officers, they restarted the coffee cart, which they hope to keep running next year and the years following. They hope to “talk with other students about more ideas and events that the Student Government can plan.” Because of COVID the past few years have been void of Hellgates traditional spirit week and homecoming week celebrations, so they want to restart those next year, using “everyone’s experiences and ideas to make a great next year, full of fun events and activities.” 

     Eden Maxwell and Jules Lane ran for senior president and vice president. They hope to make next year “a great senior year” with “no drama, no distractions to graduating, all fun,” and to “start strong, finish strong.” Maxwell and Lane want to have a great senior year and try to make it as fun as possible. They both want to “make next year really special because we haven’t had a normal high school year yet.” Both joined Student Government hoping to make the school and community a better place, and believe that “everyone has a say in how the school functions and Student Government should give people that chance.” 

     Two pairs ran for student body president and vice president, Melina LePlante and Chloe Caldwell and Cooper Johnstad and Sasha Huber. LePlante and Caldwell were the junior president and vice president this year, and have both been a part of Student Government since their freshman year. They believe that student government is one of the ways they can contribute their ideas and perspectives “where it will be listened to and addressed.” They hope to “listen to the student body feedback more” and “improve some of the activities we already have.” One of their goals is to improve existing activities, such as Spirit Week, Homecoming Week, and fundraisers, such as Struttin’ for Stuffin’. They want to “get more kids involved in student government” as they know that “Hellgate students have a lot of great ideas.” 

     Student Government election results are out, and the following have won in their respective elections: 

Faith You and Lizzie Frank won sophomore president and vice president 

Ellen Davis and Rori Ojala won junior president and vice president

Eden Maxwell and Jules Lane won senior president and vice president 

Melina LePlante and Chloe Caldwell won student body president and vice president