Hellgate Trashion Show Makes A Comeback


Photo courtesy of Collin Shontz.

   After two years without the Trashion show, it has finally made a comeback. 


     During the COVID-19 pandemic, the trashion show was unable to happen with all of the restrictions. But as of Apr. 15, the Trashion show is back up and running. 

     The winner of the trashion show received prizes from different eco-friendly companies such as Rockin Rudy’s and Big Dipper. Ashley Young, Co-president of SAVE said “It really got the whole school excited about being a part of something that was meant to advocate for earth week and environmental activism.”


     Another way that more eco-friendly ideas were promoted was through the incorporation of prizes from eco-friendly businesses. The winner of the trashion show was awarded prizes such as a Hydroflask and stickers from Rockin Rudy’s. 


     Kerra Skinner, CO-president said that in years prior, the trashion show wasn’t as focused on the actually recycled outfit aspect of the show. However, this year, “The people that signed up took it pretty seriously.” 


     Both CO-presidents said it was very exciting to watch the whole show come together after lots of hard effort to plan and advertise for it. Young said, “We really didn’t think that many people would come so when we saw the gym starting to fill up, we were like, oh that’s nice that people are actually interested in this and want to see it.” 


     While some things were different this year than in the past, such as the timing and where it was hosted, SAVE is hopeful that the trashion show will get back to the big school event that it once was.


     Throughout the following week, the SAVE club hosted a raffle and climate Kahoot promoting bike, walk, and bus week with other prizes from Rockin Rudys and Big Dipper. They will also be hosting another climate Kahoot for similar prizes.  These events were part of the SAVE clubs earth week promotion, and the trashion show was just the start.

     “You missed out if you didn’t go.” Said Young.