Riverdale Goes Off It’s Rails

Riverdale Goes Off Its Rails

Julia Key, Reporter

     Riverdale premiered in 2017 as an Archie comics teen drama spinoff with a twist. It started as a cheesy murder drama, nothing teen TV hasn’t seen before, but over its six-season run, it has turned into a hot mess.

     Each passing season of Riverdale leaves fans and bystanders in awe. As time goes on the plotlines get more crazy and confusing, and show writers seem as though they are no longer focusing on writing the show, but rather devolving into madness. 

     But is it really only getting crazy now? Or has this been Riverdale’s norm since the day it first aired? Season 1 had its fair share of bizarre happenings, from a father murdering his own son, to teacher-student relationship scandals, characters burning down their own houses, and even circumstances of incest. 

     But, while the show had a bit of an odd start, many fans didn’t expect it to take the turns it would, and some are starting to share some of the more baffling plot lines on social media.

     At the beginning of Season 5, Riverdale has a 5-year time jump, showing us where all of the characters landed, and their current lives are predictable at best. They are all brought back home to help out with the town of Riverdale’s demise, as it falls apart at the hands of main character Veronica Lodge’s father.  

      Creators on TikTok are starting to point out the writer’s creative insanity with the release of Season 6. The newest season has taken an even weirder turn than its predecessors, mostly because it is set in a completely different universe, called Rivervale.

     Riverdale’s earlier plotlines included the supernatural and strange, but Season 6 has added a whole new meaning to this. Season 6 plotlines rely heavily on the supernatural, they even bring in a character from Riverdale’s sister show “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, which is about Sabrina’s struggle with being a witch, which truly deserves its own article. 

     Riverdale has had its brush with cults in the past, but Rivervale has its own cult led by Cheryl Blossom. This cult kicks off the season by sacrificing Archie in this episode’s homage to Midsommer, leaving fans wondering if he is dead or alive, and whether or not Archie’s actor KJ Apa will return to the show. 

     But just when you think Rivervale can’t get any weirder, the whole gang comes in strong with superpowers caused by an explosion set off in Archie’s home. This became one of the more talked about plotlines of Season 6, as well as the many main characters’ deaths and even bringing back characters who were once dead in the universe of Riverdale.

     Riverdale has been renewed for a season 7, leaving fans on edge about whether or not this is the end. The writers have most certainly exhausted their crazy plotlines, so we’re all waiting to see what Riverdale (or vale) has in store next.