Hellgate Girls Take Second at State Basketball in Billings

State Basketball has come and gone and it was a whirlwind of an event. The girls basketball team played hard and ended up getting second place in the championship game. It was sad for many to end the season only one place away from first, but it was still a very large accomplishment. 


Addy Heaphy, a senior on the girls basketball team said, “State was a fun experience overall. It went pretty good, and getting 2nd is definitely an accomplishment.” She went on to talk about her basketball season as a whole saying, “I had a great time this basketball season, I had a lot of great times with my team, and I made some lifelong memories.” She continued, “I will miss my teammates and coaches the most next year.” This team was really bonded as most of the senior girls had been on varsity for four years. 


Keke Davis, a senior on the girls basketball team said, “State went good, we took 2nd place.” She added, “My favorite part was playing with the team. I’ve grown up with the outcome we took second but I feel like we most certainly could have beat them if we played again.” It was a sad loss as most predicted the girls to win. Davis continued, “My basketball season went good and we only lost 2 games. It was fun playing my last year of high school ball with these girls and I couldn’t have been blessed with a better team.” 


“I will miss playing with these girls because we have been playing together and playing against each other for so long that it’s weird to think we won’t next year,” she said. Not only had these girls been playing together all through high school, but many of them had been playing together since they were young. Davis wrapped up saying, “State was fun and thank you for all that came and supported.” 


Many Hellgate students attended State to support their Knights. Fans there were incredibly rowdy as they cheered on the girls to the end. Audrey Warren, a senior, said, “State was awesome! Super fun opportunity to be able to spend with my senior class for our last student section!” She continued, talking about some of the difficulties, “I think that driving to Billings wasn’t ideal but it was all part of the fun!” She concluded, “I think that watching from the student section is always a blast because everyone is there to support our Knights! State was one last go around for us seniors and it was perfect!”


Lindsey Woody was also viewing the game from the student section. She said, “State was such a fun experience! I went to support my girls on the dance team and to cheer on the basketball girls! I wouldn’t miss watching their last game and last dance performance for the world. I think they all did so great. Dance team looked so good in their new tops and their dances were so fun to watch! The basketball girls totally outperformed. Each one of those girls played so well and they should all be proud of themselves. I grew up playing basketball with or against them so it was so bittersweet to watch them play their last game. I remember when the clock ran out I instantly started crying and I wasn’t even the one playing but it hit me in that moment that that was the last time I was ever going to really get to be a Knight and stand in the student section and cheer our school on.” It was an emotional moment for many of the seniors as their last year in high school is starting to wrap up. 


The Hellgate girls basketball team will be much different next year due to seven seniors leaving the team. How will the girls do at state next year?