Gas Prices Cause Financial Problems for many People

Sierra Meissner, Reporter

As we all know gas prices in America have been rising quickly due to lack of oil. This has brought multiple financial problems for many Americans. There are a few different reasons for the major change in gas prices. The problem at hand is that Russia is one of the biggest oil imports for the United States and President Biden has decided we are placing sanctions off with Russia. He also decided to officially cancel the Keystone pipeline, a $9 billion oil pipeline that is a symbol of the rising political clout of climate change which has caused the gas prices to increase. 

People have started experiencing a lot more financial anxiety, as inflation climbs to historic highs. The current average for gas prices in Montana is $4.009 per gallon and it is likely that the price of gas will continue to increase. Many highschool students aren’t financially stable enough to be paying this much for gas while trying to save money for college.  “I drive a 1986 Ford Bronco, and with the change in gas prices I went from paying $40 for a tank to $60. It seems like everytime I get a pay check all of it goes to gas money,” says Isabel Tenham. Highschoolers usually have minimum wage jobs so they aren’t as financially stable as adults, so how are they expected to pay the same amount for gas? 

One of President Biden’s goals is to start treating the environment better. He wants to start using electric cars more because they are better for the environment, but for a lot of people, electric cars are too expensive. Even adults are upset about these gas prices because they have other bills to pay on top of the expensive gas.  And for many people who live out of town, public transportation isn’t even an option.  According to GasBuddy’s, if tensions in Ukraine aren’t resolved soon, the national averages may surpass $5 per gallon, and they expect it to last through November 2022. 

Overall, many Americans are suffering financially because the gas prices are so high. People are angry at President Biden and don’t think he is doing what is right for the people of america. Hopefully the prices will go down before November, or it could be a long summer for everyone.