Russia Invades Ukraine After Winter Olympics Controversy


At the 2022 Beijing Olympics, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) came away with yet another failed drug test from 15-year-old Kamila Valieva. Just after the games, Russia

      For many years, the ROC has been in a constant cycle of using illegal drugs during competition and getting caught. However, this has never seemed to stop them from continuing the use of these drugs. Valieva is just another example.

     In a lot of these situations, it’s not just the athletes’ fault. The ROC Olympic coaches are known for being very harsh with their athletes, pushing them to always be the absolute best – even if it means breaking the rules to get there. Maybe one of the reasons these athletes are using these illegal drugs so often is because lots of athletes only get one shot at glory before they are replaced by someone newer. In certain events, especially ones like figure skating, the athletes are pushed to their limits at very young ages and immediately after, discarded and replaced by another young skater. 

     A ban was placed on Valieva competing in the games but was lifted just 24 hours later. It was argued that at only 15 years old, it would have detrimental effects on the young skater if she was not allowed to compete again.

     Shortly after the Olympic Games, Russia launched an invasion into Ukraine which caused even more controversy throughout the entire world. These actions did not go without recognition from the rest of the world. While most countries are not directly involved in the fighting, other punishments have been put in place against many Russian teams. 

     The IIHF Council suspended all Russian and Belarussian national and club teams from IIHF competitions until further notice and revoked the hosting right of the 2023 world juniors from Russia. Other sports agencies may also impose bans on Russian teams, such as FIFA.

     Sports aren’t the only things Russia will lose from this invasion though. President Biden and other world leaders have put bans on Russian oil and certain petroleum products. “This means Russian oil will no longer be acceptable at U.S. ports,”said Biden. Analysts believe that gas prices could soar to a national average of over $5 per gallon, which is a situation Biden is desperately trying to avoid. 

     The president has encouraged domestic oil companies to produce as much as they can in hopes to avoid hitting the five-dollar mark. These bans, while they may be hard on some countries, are all in an effort to dissuade the Russian attack on Ukraine. 

     Russian forces are still attacking many Ukrainian cities from afar while their other ground troops inch forward into the country against the strong resistance put up by the Ukrainian troops. 

Both the failed drug test and the invasion are further damaging Russia’s already damaged international reputation.