Odie Leigh Releases New Single “Crop Circles”


“Crop Circles” Photo Courtesy of Spotify

Julia Key, Reporter

Tik Tok musician Odie Leigh released her long-awaited single “Crop Circles” on Feb. 18th. 

In December of 2020, Leigh posted her first TikTok showcasing her music and has since used TikTok as a platform to promote her music and show her fans new songs and covers. Since her TikTok debut, she has released six singles, her newest being “Crop Circles.”

Her following was introduced to “Crop Circles” in March of last year when she posted her first version of the song. Leigh has posted updates about the production of the song on her TikTok since then.

A large part of Leigh’s content surrounds her growth as a musician, she often posts her songs in the making, giving her fans an idea of what music she is in the process of creating. This exact reason made “Crop Circles” a well-anticipated release.

Leigh’s music leans towards the folk/country genre, she uses an array of instruments from acoustic guitar to banjo and harmonica. 

“Crop Circles” explores the idea of constant change and stagnant growth, she states “And I, I don’t think I’ve changed, No, and I’m too scared to stay the same.” Many of her songs surround this idea of change, or rather the lack of it. 

“Crop Circles” was Leigh’s breakout song, getting much more attention than most of her previous releases. I think that “Crop Circles” is going to be Leigh’s break into a larger spotlight, both as a musician and a content creator.