Is Euphoria Appropriate for Kids to Watch?


Official Euphoria poster

Sierra Meissner, Reporter

On June 16, 2019, an American teen drama television series called Euphoria was released. Euphoria was made for mature audiences and is rated R. The show follows a high school teenage girl named Rue doing her best to fight off her drug addiction while falling in love with her new best friend, Jules. Euphoria covers drug use, trauma, sex, and social media, which can be triggering and very difficult for some people to watch.
As I was scrolling through social media I noticed that season 2 of Euphoria was coming out on Sunday, Jan. 9, and people were going crazy about it. I decided to finally watch season 1 and I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. It scared me a little that I have actually experienced some of these things in real life. The show is very accurate when it comes to what actually happens in teenagers’ lives. I think it’s good, but I know If I watched something like that when I was younger, I wouldn’t understand the purpose of the show.
This show isn’t for everyone.t I especially don’t think it’s healthy for kids under the age of 16 to be watching Euphoria. It talks a lot about sexual assult and shows many sex scenes where the woman is not being treated with respect. It gives off the wrong idea about sexual intercourse, and kids are too young to understand that that’s not how sex should be. Younger boys may think it’s okay to treat women with disrespect, and younger girls may think it’s alright for them to be treated that way.
Rue uses drugs to escape her problems, and the show normalizes this as the best way to make problems go away. Kids have to be old enough to understand that this is just a TV show and not everything is as it seems. Drugs do show up a lot in high schooler’s lives as a way to have fun, but Rue uses them because she is an addict and to take away the pain of her problems. I also think this show can be really bad for people (young or old) who are dealing with depression because of the same reason. The idea of suicide and overdosing is pretty much the main idea of the show.
Overall, I enjoy watching this show and I will continue watching it. I just don’t think it’s appropriate for younger kids to watch it unless they are old enough to understand that not everything in the show is how things are in real life.