Hellgate Cheer Makes UCA Nationals


Hellgates cheer team. Photo Courtesy of Caroline McCormick

Julia Key, Reporter

Hellgate Cheer made UCA (Universal Cheerleaders Association) nationals for 2022. This is a huge feat for our cheer team, because it is the first time in Hellgate history this has happened.

The UCA Nationals are held in Orlando Florida at the Walt Disney World Resort, in February of 2022. They will stay at the resort and compete for 4 days. 

According to Hellgate cheer coach Caroline McCormick, “The team has been preparing for Nationals since July, when we went to the UCA summer camp.” 

Qualifying for nationals has many steps, says McCormick. To qualify, the team first had to do the UCA summer camp, which they attended in Idaho last summer. Then they had to submit a cheer for the online regional competition. After the long process, they were accepted. 

The team still has a long way to go though, they need to raise about $26,000 before they go to compete. According to McCormick, “We do have some fundraisers coming up, we’re gonna do candy grams, we have a little knights cheer camp planned for January, and we have a couple of other things going on right now that will hopefully help cover the costs to go.” 

The team has worked extremely hard to get where they currently are. “I’m so pumped for Nationals, my freshman self never saw this coming,” said head captain Jacoba McAdams. 

According to McCormick, “They’re all great kids, they are super dedicated, they come ready to work, they put in the time outside of practice too, and I think they’ve become their own little family, and they are super supportive of each other, which really helps us as a team.” 

The team continues to move forward and make big strides in their goals, “We’re finally being recognized as our own sport,” said cheerleader Elizabeth Rose.

They are continuing to perfect their routine, and train to be in their best shape for Nationals this February. So let’s send lots of support their way, and wish them the best of luck!