Top 10 Lord Huron Songs

Gabi Wilson, Reporter

Lord Huron is an indie rock band based in Los Angeles. Their genre is Alternative or Indie. The band is composed of Ben Schneider, Mark Barry, Tom Renaud and Miguel Briseno. Lead singer and guitarist Ben Schneider founded the band. 

Let’s be honest, ranking these songs is not easy. Lord Huron makes amazing music and I attempted to rank them from worst to best (in my personal opinion) and why.

10. Love Like Ghosts

This song starts out slow and has the same melody as “The Night We Met.” This is also from the Strange Trails album and is the first song in the album. It is almost foreshadowing what the song will be at the end because it has the same melody as “The Night We Met” which is at the very end of the album. “The Night We Met” and this song have many similarities including the motif of ghosts. Lord Huron sings, “Yes I know that love is like ghosts” in “Love Like Ghosts” then sings, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do haunted by the ghost of you” in “The Night We Met.” “Love Like Ghosts” is almost like a long intro for “The Night We Met.” I ranked this as 10 because even though it is still a good song, it seems repetitive next to “The Night We Met.”

9. Frozen Pines

This song is from the Strange Trails album. The song has a strange start that doesn’t seem to match the rest of the song. This is because it is a continuation of the song before, “The Yawning Grave.” The song finally picks up and has a new beat, while still carrying on the original start in the background, at around 15 seconds. This is also a good song to have on in the background while you can still jam out to it. This is a good song but it doesn’t keep you interested enough to fully pay attention to it.

8. Ends of the Earth 

This is the most played song from the Lonesome Dreams album. The beginning of the song starts out slow like many of Lord Huron’s songs. It picks up around 50 seconds with faster tempo and beat added. The best lyric in this song is “To the ends of the earth would you follow me?” This song has a really happy and upbeat tone. The song is about someone seeking to explore the world. The song ends on a melancholy tone with the lyric, “I guess I’m going alone.” 

7. Wait by the River

This song is from the Vide Noir album. The song starts out with a slow beat and a whirring noise that steadily increases. This is a good song to put on for background music and start doing your homework or cleaning. It’s a good song to listen to for motivation and to keep you on track. This song is one of the two most played songs on the album.

6. I Lied (featuring Allison Ponthier)

At first listen, this song seems like a sweet, relaxing song. When you listen more and hear the lyrics, you realize the song is very melancholy as they sing, “told you I could never love somebody else, but I lied.” It is from the Long Lost album and one of the most played songs on the album. Allison Ponthier and Ben Schneider’s voices blend well together in the song. This is a slow, sad song to listen to when you are in a low mood.

5. La Belle Fleur Sauvage 

This song is also on the Strange Trails album. The song starts slow with a peaceful, upbeat tone. As the song continues, the pace slowly picks up and more beats and a faster pace are added. The lyrics of this song are very wholesome as the song is a man describing his feelings about a woman he loves. The chorus of the song is, “I’d give it all to love that girl. I’ll be the one to pluck that fleur.” Fleur means flower in French and the title of the song means “the beautiful wild flower” in French. The title is apt as the song describes this man’s love for a beautiful girl and how when he dies he wants her lying by his side.

4. Fool for Love

This song is another from the Strange Trails album. The song starts out by the ending of “La Belle Fleur Sauvage” transitioning into the beginning of this song. “Fool for Love” is a song with a lot of life and energy in it, it’s very upbeat and fun. It’s also a good song to jam out and dance to. The lyrics of this song are fun as it’s a little story of a man being in love with a woman and he has to fight another man to get her. Many of the lyrics are wholesome as he says, “I know she’s gonna be my wife. Gonna fall in love, I’m gonna live my life with her.” The final lyrics of the song are, “I drift into the great unknown. I really don’t know where I’m going.”

3. The Ghost on the Shore

This is a great song for when you are in a relaxed mood and are looking for chill music to listen to. I think that this would be a good song for a morning drive. This is from the Lonesome Dreams album. The song starts slow and the calming melody carries throughout the song. One of my favorite lyrics from this song is, “lie where I land, let my bones turn to sand. I was born on the lake and I don’t want to leave here.” Unlike many of his songs, there isn’t anything in particular about this song or the lyrics that anyone can relate to. I think that many can relate to the emotion he carries in the song. The ending fades out with the same sound the song started with.

2. Meet Me in the Woods

“Meet Me in the Woods” is also from the Stranger Trails album. It has a slow beginning and the pace and sound picks up as the song continues. This is a good song to dance to as it has a fun rhythm to it and is a great song to jump around to. This is also a great song to scream the lyrics to. The chorus has a lot of passion that makes you want to shout out the lyrics. 

1. The Night We Met

A classic. This song is from the Strange Trails album. It’s definitely one of their most popular songs, which was unfortunately further popularized by Tik Tok. “The Night We Met” is most likely known by many because the song can connect with many people. It starts out with a slow beginning and starts to intensify over the course of the song as the emotion grows stronger. The lyrics of this song are relatable for many people who are possibly experiencing a breakup or distance with someone special as he sings things like, “I had all and then, most of you some and now, none of you”, and “take me back to the night we met.” The song is placed at the end of the album almost as a save the best for last. This is the most popular song on the album. I placed this song as number one because everything about the song is so well done with the lyrics and the musicality of the piece. 

The band has 6 albums with their most recent being Long Lost which came out May 21, 2021. What are your favorite Lord Huron songs and how would you rank them?