The Best Coffee Shops in Missoula According to Hellgate Students

Gabi Wilson, Reporter

There are many coffee shops around town including Florence Coffee, Drum, Clyde Coffee, Ducrey, Loose Caboose, and more. Many of these locations are easily accessible for the students as they are scattered around town. 

Audrey Warren, an avid coffee drinker, said, “I think my favorite coffee shop is Drum or Clyde. At Drum their latte is my favorite. It tastes so yummy. A homemade granola with almond milk or oat milk at Drum is so so so yummy. I could eat it every day for breakfast. I like the atmosphere of Drum and it is just great quality and local. Clyde has some of the best outdoor seating and they have such yummy toast options. Their coffee is pretty good but overall the atmosphere of Clyde is amazing.” Clyde tends to be a favorite for many students at Hellgate. It is about a minute walk from school, right on the corner of South Sixth Street and Higgins Avenue. 

Clyde Coffee Roasters downtown
Photo by Gabi Wilson

Lindsey Woody said, “Clyde is one of my favorites too but I love Ducrey. As soon as you walk in, you feel like you’re in Paris. It’s really fancy and all their pastries look like they’re from France. All the chocolate is made out of coffee beans. And they have these windows where you can see them making the chocolate. They have really pretty cups too. Get an oat milk mocha, it’s my favorite.” Ducrey Chocolate is located downtown right next to ROAM student living and Front Street Pizza. 

Cindy Duran, a junior, said, “Florence Coffee is my favorite.” When asked why it’s her favorite, she said, “I don’t know. I go there a lot and it’s on my way to school. I get a caramel latte with oat milk. They have good service!” Often abbreviated as “Flo Co”, this coffee shop is well-liked by many students as there are several locations around town including right off the Orange Street Exit and on Brooks Street all serving quality coffee.  

Florence Coffee Company right off the Orange Street Exit
Photo by Gabi Wilson

Crystal Priske, a senior at Hellgate, said, “Loose Caboose!” when asked what her favorite coffee shop is in town. Priske continued, “The quality to price ratio is really good. It’s cheap but you get good, quality coffee. They have fun punch cards and then I get a free coffee!” When asked what her favorite things to order are, she said, “I usually do a hot or iced latte with coconut flavor. They also have really good vanilla chais.” 

There are several other coffee shops such as Copper Mountain, Starbucks, City Brew, Black Coffee Roasting, and others that are loved by students. What’s your favorite coffee location in town?

What coffee shop is your favorite?


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